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Yom Rishon, 1 Kislev 5778

Caring Committtee

Your Temple Israel Caring Committee offers the following to the congregation:

  • Calls, notes, and/or visits to congregants who are home bound, hospitalized or in rehab;
  • Notes to congregants offering support during family hardship, offering condolences, or offering congratulations as appropriate;
  • Assisting with the community gathering following a funeral or minyan of comfort;
  • Providing a Shabbat dinner to families who have experienced a death in the family, who have recently had a new baby or have had a family member return home from the hospital
  • Doing minor home repairs.

Here is what you can do for the Caring Committee: If you know of someone who needs any of the listed services, please call the Temple office (877-3517) or Wendy Sokolow (385-8732). We can only help when we know that our help is needed!! In addition, please call Wendy if you are interested in being part of this committee.

TEAM (Together Each Achieves More) and Social Justice

We need you on the TEAM to address injustices in Tallahassee.

TEAM is a congregation-based community organization comprised of 18 faith groups united to hold local leaders/systems accountable to their intended purposes. TEAM bringstogether diverse people (racial, ethnic, social/economic, faith) to address community concerns that affect poor and low-income people. TEAM does not perform direct service or "band-aid" fixes, but rather, identifies institutional changes that will address a community problem.

TEAM began as a response to injustice and inequality in Tallahassee and Temple Israel has been participating since its inception. For information about Temple Israel's involvement in TEAM, call Barry Moline: Days: 224-3314, ext. 1, Evenings: 894-4234, or send him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sustainable Torah Gardens

The mission of the garden is threefold:

  1. to nourish one's spirit through appreciation of nature's beauty and bounty;
  2. to engage in acts of mitzvot through cultivating, harvesting and sharing the garden's bounty; and
  3. to develop feelings of compassion and tolerance through working with others in the garden and practicing lessons of environmental sustainability.

Over a ten-year period, five components of the garden will be created by our congregation:

  • Bereshit Memorial Garden
  • Shemot Rain and Butterfly Gardens
  • Vayyiqra Learning Center
  • Bamidbar Promised Land Vegetable Garden (first to be created!)
  • Devarim Meditation Garden

Social Action Links

A Jewish Response to Hunger
The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) has been the hub of Jewish social justice and legislative activity in the nation's capital for over 40 years. It has educated and mobilized the American Jewish community on legislative and social concerns as an advocate in the Congress of the United States on issues ranging from Israel and Soviet Jewry to economic justice and civil rights, to international peace and religious liberty.

RAC News

RAC's presence on your favorite social network site is just a click away. Become our friend, follow our tweets, or watch our video channel on YouTube! Show your support for Jewish Social Justice online!
The spread of malaria is preventable. A $10 donation goes directly towards the purchase, distribution, and education about the proper use of an insecticide-treated bed net. Join the Union for Reform Judaism in our fight against global poverty.
Be Social. Take Action.

Reform Jewish college graduates can practice social justice and promote Jewish values as an Eisendrath Legislative Assistant at the RAC - Applications Available Online

The RAC's weblog is featuring commentary and insight from leaders of the Reform Movement and the Staff of Religious Action Center

RAC Resources

Up-to-date RAC news and resources are available at the RAC website:
To receive up-to-date information in your e-mailbox, you may subscribe the RAC's e-publications here:

Rabbi Romberg's Blog

Follow Rabbi Romberg's personal blog, The Jewish Observer

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